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Client Issue

RLMH Limited is a small company that relies on outdated Mac computersfor daily business operations. The company's IT support is struggling to keepthe Macs functioning, leading to significant downtime and lost productivity.


Update operating systems on Macs

Migrate to Sharepoint

Install Sophos Endpoint Security

Remote Monitoring and Management


After a thorough consultancy, Mercury Maynard were tasked with updating RLMH’s Macs to a more recent operating system and setting up SharePoint for the company. Our team began by conducting a thorough assessment of the Mac computers, which revealed that they were running an outdated version of the Mac operating system. This outdated system was prone to crashes and security vulnerabilities, which were impacting the overall performance and security of the network.

We recommended that the Macs be updated to the latest version of the Mac operating system,which would provide the company with improved performance, security, and stability. The Mercury Maynard team also proposed that the company implement SharePoint, a cloud-based collaboration platform that would allow the company to easily share and manage documents and information.

To ensure a smooth transition, we provided training to the employees on how to use SharePoint and the updated Mac operating system along with ongoing support to help the employees troubleshoot any issues that may arise. We also advised that RLMH consider Remote Monitoring and Management which would allow us to improve the quality of their services and provide them with a more stable and secure technology environment. The tools allow us to remotely access client systems to diagnose and fix problems, reducing the need for on-site visits and saving time and money.

The implementation of SharePoint and the updating of the Mac operating system was a success. Thecompany experienced increased efficiency and productivity, and the employees were able to work together more effectively. RLMH also benefited from improved security and stability, as the new operating system and SharePoint platform were much less prone to crashes and security threats.

Mercury Maynard provided professional and proactive IT support which helped RLMH Ltd. to overcome its outdated technology and improve its overall productivity. The implementation of SharePoint and the updating of the Mac operating system allowed the company to work more efficiently and securely, and the ongoing support provided by the IT support team ensured that the company could continue to rely on its technology for years to come.

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