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IT Support in Halstead

As we grew, we found that the companies we were dealing with could not provide us with the level of
support that we required. We were recommended Mercury Maynard because of their reputation and
their proactive approach. They are accessible whenever we need their help and it’s great to know that
that support is always there.

If we have a question Mercury Maynard will come back with an answer immediately or if they don’t
know they will find the answer for us. That is important to us as it speeds up the time to resolution.

One of the services that we moved over to was Sophos. We were aware of the product and Mercury
Maynard were able to provide it. This is a far better antivirus that we had and therefore data, time and
financial loss has been prevented.

If ever we lost any data there could be financial repercussions and the failure of delivery. We can’t do
what we do. If we lose a batch of orders and we don’t know who we are supposed to supply it means we
do not know where we are going to send our product. We would lose credibility with our customers,
financial impact due to lost business, penalties for late delivery. I could give you a million and one
reasons. If the payroll system fails people don’t get paid. Sophos just makes sense.

The bigger the business the bigger the impact. Everything runs off the IT system and if any part of that
fails the repercussions is vast across the board. Depending on what part of the business it hits from
personnel right through to financial systems.

Our IT Support service needs to be robust to ensure that whatever anyone is working on the system
does not run slowly or crashes when they are working. All of those typical IT issues, as we grew, we
seemed to be experiencing more of those kinds of issues. We needed the absolute certainty that
everything would run seamlessly day in day out. That is what Mercury Maynard provides.

If the IT system is running slow it impacts everyone to a different degree. Some of it may be a financial
loss but the frustration and negative impact on staff is clear, they lose confidence in the system and that
can be very demotivating so then every time something happens, even though it may be trivial, they will
blame it on the system. The peace of mind that our system is being monitored, that any issues will be
resolved quickly with no downtime and the system is running smoothly is the confidence that Mercury
Maynard provides.

For me, the IT side our business is a support infrastructure that just exists. It should be just like the
building; you don’t constantly worry that the roof is going to blow off or leak. If you are worrying about
IT all the time then something is not right. It should work quietly and efficiently in the background. IT
should not be the focal point of any business, it should just exist in the background. That is what
Mercury Maynard allow us to do.

We’ve grown very very quickly over the last couple of years and we have had to develop our IT systems
very rapidly to cope with that growth and developing our software and working systems accordingly and
we just need someone there who partners us and ensures it is implemented effectively and to the right

It’s very useful to have an independent perspective. Having an IT audit of the entire IT system and
infrastructure is a healthy thing to do. To make sure everything we have got is fit for purpose.

Mercury Maynard are always accessible. That was a key decision when we chose to use them.

If there is an issue, there is always a confidence that when Mercury Maynard are coming it will get fixed.
We have a huge faith in their ability.

The staged transition from moving to Mercury Maynard was seamless and was completed in less than 4

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